Stitch Along Wednesday

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Progress is being made on the shawl, and that’s all that matters right now. As of Monday I had 18 repeats done, now I have 24. Only 26 more to go. This is almost halfway around the bottom edge. Will I finish in time to showcase it on Friday? That’s very iffy. Very iffy! I only did 6 repeats in one evening and I only have 2 nights left to knit on it.

I keep trying to remember that this year the word is Enough. Just looking at my baby knitting for the year is starting to stress me out!!! But realistically, only 2 of the babies are here, and 1 item was done in time. So I only have a hat that is needed now. The other babies are due from March to June, so their items can wait. Breath, Chris, Breath! I have 2 shawls and 1 pair of mittens promised. One shawl is for my mom, and doesn’t need to be done anytime soon since it is for Spring/Summer in AC conditions. The other is for a lovely lady who will happily wait on her shawl. And the mittens are for an understanding knitter. But they WILL get started this next week, I am determined!

On paper it all looks so overwhelming. But then I remind myself, Enough. There is Enough time, there is Enough understanding, there is Enough room to breath. It’s not a race, it’s a pastime to enjoy, not stress over.

I hope your day is stress free and that your knitting is bringing joy today. Hop over to see what other’s are working on!

Update on Diva: She had a bad Tuesday. The pain meds did a number on her stomach so add in losing anything she ate to her list.
And then I found out College Girl picked up the plague coursing through her campus and is now in isolation for 2 days. Thankfully my sister was able to get her from school and took her home to help her out for the next few days. So she isn’t keeping anything down either. We felt it would be better to remove her from her suite so the other 3 roommates didn’t come down with it too. And my sister can get her food/liquids while my sister’s pup Duncan can keep CG’s spirits up.
And then, Tuesday evening Hubster came down with yet another really bad cold with flu like symptoms. His 2nd bout this winter! I think I am going to take the dogs and run off to a warm climate to escape the illnesses and cold.

Today was supposed to be knitting with the buds and then lunch, our weekly ritual. Only, we got a few more inches of snow on top of the 6 we already had. Now no one is getting out to knit! I need to run away from the sickness I am surrounded by. Maybe there’s an errand I need to run that will take me by a Starbucks?

10 thoughts on “Stitch Along Wednesday

  1. Oh dear, I hope everyone feels better soon! This winter has really been rough on a lot of folks. I’m working on remember my ‘enough’ word, too. Your shawl is coming along gorgeously, I can’t wait to get to the border on mine. Did you leave 50% of yarn for the border, or a little less?

    1. Thanks! Winding down on the border tonight, I think it will be done by Friday. I used 60% for the body and the 40% left is working out with using the k3tog every 16th row for me.

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