8 Favorite things

With a nod to Snap for the prompt, here are my Favorite Eight, even though I have been blogging much longer than that. Actually, I can’t even remember the year I first started blogging. So anyway, I’ll just stick to the 8. And even then, I can’t even stick to one item in most of them!

1. Favorite yarn: This is hard! So many wonderful yarns to choose from. The work horse option is Ella Rae Superwash! The color choice would be Kureyon! The softness factor would be just about any Alpaca made! The stash reveals Cascade 220 is a big seller! The answer is…..Malabrigo! Arroyo to be exact. Color, softness, all of it! I seriously need to buy more of this stuff. 

2. Favorite thing to knit: Generic thing? Hats! Because there are so many styles, techniques, and yarns you can use. Plus, they are wicked quick when you need an instant FO. Specific thing? Fiber Trends Felted Clogs. Because they are quick, after 30 pair I think I can do them in my sleep, you can do neat things with the yarns/colors like striping or adding designs with needle felting, and they make great gifts!

3. Favorite independent dyer: Leann Ross with Forbidden Woolery!!! She is working on a combo of colors I want for a stranded project.

4. Favorite designer: Long term: Debbie Bliss. Go to for baby items. Current: Paulina P, 3 shawl designs in my queue from her.

5. Favorite stitch pattern: Actually, the knit stitch. The smooth, neat alignment of it just thrills my OCD head. Structure, it’s all about structure!

6. Favorite knitting technique: No contest, Colorwork!!!!! Stranded/Fair Isle, I just love it.

7. Favorite color palette: Something like this. I am not normally a purple person, but I love purple when paired with oranges and greens.

 8. Favorite FO: Tough one! But I would have to say if my house was burning and I could only save one item it would be:


Grand Champ

This is the reason I am having that combo of yarns dyed. To make another one. This time in green, a tealish color, orange, and 2 browns.

So, what are your favorite 8?


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