Friday FO #7

It has been a struggle. When I decided to make a shawl in January from my pattern library, for my Love Your Library Challenge, I chose Madeline Tosh Sport yarn and Miss Dashwood. Only, I didn’t have enough yarn for that one. Oops! So I then chose French Cancan, having enough yarn to even make it a little larger.

And I cast on and knit. By Jan 25th I was so close to done. And then realized I was using the wrong needle size!!! It was not going to even be close to the size I wanted. So it was ripped and restarted.

And now I am done!!! It feels almost sad to be done. I really did enjoy the cabled border. But not enough to rip it out and reknit it a 3rd time. And it will be a long while before I consider making another. Mostly because I have too many other shawl patterns I need to knit once.

So here’s the goodness.

image image image

I chose to go with the tips from the designer. I knit until I had 40% of the total yarn left, then I started the border. For the border I did a k3tog every 16 rows, or 2 repeats of the cable chart. I ended with 5 grams of yarn!


Whew! I can say this is one of the first times that has happened. I usually run out of yarn on my bind offs. If I had run out on this one I was just going to buy another skein. No more reknitting for me.

Now head out for the party places! You know you want to. Here, here, and here.


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