Monday Musings

We are 1 week removed from Diva Girl’s surgery, today my musings take me to the medical field. With all of our advancements and all of our knowledge, you would think that Drs could explain why pain happens. Is it just because research doesn’t care about the phantom pain women experience? Does the condition defy explanation? Whatever the reason, we sure do wish there was a clear cut answer. At this point it is just pain management with chemicals. Which I hate, but if it keeps her pain suppressed, we’ll go with it.

In wonderful news, our College Girl was the guest of her University’s President and board members at a dinner on Friday. The dinner was to honor a couple who donated $1,000,000.00 to the University’s Honor Program, which our CG is a participant of. The HP is for top achievers who keep a certain GPA, are required to attend so many lectures and events pertaining to education, arts, and sciences, and who work on a project involving research or study in their chosen major. CG was one of eight students invited to represent the school at the dinner. Unknown to the students, the President asked them to give a short bio about themselves, their study field, and their HP project. After her bio the President said she deserved an extra piece of dessert! LOL cheesecake, her favorite. She was also able to engage with the donors and board members, who were very encouraging of her efforts. One even gave her his business card so she could be in touch about getting in with an ER to shadow. The President asked her to stop by his office to discuss her research project in more depth. She was even more enthused because one of the donors gave her a hug! It made her feel so special.

Now, all this to say, not only am I a proud mom, but it is so good to see considering how hard high school was for her. She was a brainy girl who loved sports, which meant she didn’t really fit in any one group. She really struggled finding that one best friend who would always be true. As a mom it hurts you to see that.

But college has been such a positive experience for her. She found 2 wonderful friends her first year and 1 is still her rock. She is being nurtured by wonderful professors who are so supportive of her goals. She is being recognized for her intelligence, which really fuels her determination. She is being allowed to use her desire to learn to expand her understanding of all things.

Now, I have always understood that making people feel special will make them work harder, but it’s not just that. Uplifting people can change their entire perception of themselves! It can bring them out of where they were, to where they need to be. I need to be a better person to others.

So in that vein, I just want to say, you are all the most awesome knitters and crafters in the world!! You make such beautiful things that I am just in awe of. If there is someone reading today that needs to be uplifted, listen to me, you are so talented!  Way to go You! There, don’t you feel better?

And this, just this. Gorgeous! Maybe on the list for the babies I have to knit for this year?

Yes, I know it’s not Monday, I just don’t know what date goes with the days anymore! LOL


8 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. You must be so proud of your College Girl. It must make such a difference to know she is in the right place for her to flourish and grow. It sounds like her college have a wonderful attitude towards their promising students.

    I’m so sorry about DG’s pain. I know it’s really hard to deal with, but she will learn techniques to manage her pain. Does she knit/crochet? I found it an amazing pain management tool. If I am socialising and I have a brainless project to keep part of my brain occupied whilst chatting, it seems to divert some brain power away from registering pain. It also lowers your stress levels so you experience less pain. There has been some research done on it, this is a good website: The other thing I found useful was a TENS machine as this interrupts the pain signals being sent to your brain. If that works for her, then acupuncture may work for her as well, as I think it works on similar points on the nervous system.

    I don’t know if she’s tried any or all of the above, but I thought you might be interested in any help at all, and these are things that have helped me.

    1. She isn’t in to hand crafts, yet! I am determined though she will have the skill for later. She has responded to acupuncture in the past, so that might be an option. Thanks for the tips.

  2. I hope Diva Girl is feeling better. Sometimes all you can do is manage the pain!

    I think a lot of smart girls find their niches in college and I’m glad your daughter did. She is clearly flourishing so you have lots of reasons be a proud mama!

  3. I agree with you that more research and treatment options need to be done for pain management. I hope that they can come up with a treatment plan for DG soon and that she starts feeling better. That is such wonderful news about your College Girl. It sounds like she has found a home away from home at her school and really connecting with her own strengths and building up her confidence. Must be such a joy for you to see her blossom like that!

  4. I’m just catching up after a retirement, and two deaths in our immediate family after January 1. (I wish I were kidding.) I’m glad to hear that the pain is not a result of something catastrophic. Pain is a very slippery element of our physical being. I would see if you can find a pain specialist who really knows how to manage the drugs that will suppress it. Most doctors are very conservative because they do not want to cause dependency, small wonder. However, too conservative, and the result is not effective. It’s a tough balance. I hope you find the right balance for your girl.
    And congratulations to your College Girl for finding her way thought a tricky time in her life. And kudos to her profs for recognizing her work ethic and abilities. And to her parents for raising two awesome young adults.

  5. Regarding the pain, I’m not sure if you’ve described exactly what it is, but for a while I had intense pelvic pain that I thought was associated with my ovaries because it felt like it was in that general area. I went to my gyno and she ended up sending me to a physical therapist. It turns out that I had been holding all my stress in my pelvic muscles, so my psoas and iliopsoas (muscles around the hip) were constantly tight and were referring pain to various areas. After months of physical therapy and yoga, things relaxed and the pain has become manageable without meds. I also recommend The V Book to basically every woman who has mysterious ‘lady-part’ pain. It’s approachable and goes over basically anything that can go wrong with our reproductive bits.

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