Love Your Library, vol. 8

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It’s done!!! The shawl is out of the rotation. It’s no longer being reknit. It’s done!!!

My first LYL piece was French Cancan, a pattern I have had for a bit and have wanted to make for a long time. So it was time. I cast on, knit, discovered I had the wrong needle, ripped, recast on, knit, and finished!!! And I love it.


So now, what’s the plan? Baby knits! Tons of them! OK, so only 6 total and 1 is already gifted. First up is from my LYL book The Baby Knits Book, Debbie Bliss. I am planning to make Tank Top for a baby boy, to be gifted in March at his baby shower. I am using this yarn in Pistachio, Ebony, Taupe, and Beige. I will stripe it in Fibonacci stripes to mix it up. Hoping I can get two vests out of this since I have three boys to knit for at this point. The other two are girls so I get to have fun!!!

Another item on the list is this darling blanket. It’s not LYL eligible, but I still want it as a consideration.

I plan to use this hat pattern to make a basketball hat for the Girl’s Basketball Coach’s little one. Will use Dale Baby Ull in orange and black. Diva Girl has Mrs. M for gym so she’s gotten close to her this past year. And then I will make this for the other baby girl on the list. These items count towards my LYL challenge since they have been queued since FOREVER!

But for now, this pattern is being used to knit the 2nd pair of mittens. I had Fiddlehead in the queue for a long time and finally made myself a pair. Now a wonderful online knitting friend will be that much closer to getting her own pair!

Fiddlehead done!!! image
Hmm, notice a theme here?

For this pair I am using the leftover Silk Garden I used on mine and some cream wool from the stash. I am shortening this pair by removing the last motif at the top. My pair is under the current pair and as you can see they are just a smidge larger. The recipient’s hands are small so I am hoping these changes will work. I made the thumb opening deeper for my pair since I have long fingers and palms. The only thing I wish is that I had started the Noro from the opposite end. That way I would have been able to match the colors for the thumb better. Oh well, #knitterprobs


3 thoughts on “Love Your Library, vol. 8

  1. The shawl and mittens just turned out really beautiful. You know, cream is such a good color yarn for the stash. My stash yarn tends to be more colorful, you know, like a unicorn sort of vomited everywhere. I should learn to be more practical. I’m always looking for a gray and a cream to set off or contrast. Really lovely knits. I’m going to knit that cancan in 2015, I am!

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