Stitch Along Wednesday

Almost missed this one. I am off in lalaland lately. Can’t get my act together. But I have been knitting away, so it’s all good.

This week I showcase a pair of mittens I am working on. This are for a prize I gave away for a contest. Back in September! She is a very understanding knitter, so she told me to not sweat the delivery of them. With all the hat knitting I was doing last year I got behind. And then at the start of this year I just wanted to make something for myself! And I did, so now I can move on to her mitts.

image image

In speaking with autumngeisha I decided that her pair definitely needed to be smaller than my pair. At 5’8″ I am not by any means small, and my hands reflect this. I have long fingers. Most store bought women’s gloves will not fit my length. So for my pair I used the larger needle size and even made the thumb deeper. Her pair are knit on the smallest needle size and I even lopped off the last motif at the top. I am pleased with the modification I made to the chart to achieve this.

This first mitt has flown off the needles. Hoping the 2nd does the same, and then the 3rd, and 4th! Because these babies are lined!!! I still need to figure out what I am using to line them. Something very fine is needed. I scrounged around for scraps to use on my pair and they are very colorful inside. LOL. The only thing nagging me about her pair is the thumb. I wasn’t able to get the yarn to match up for the thumb, so the color shift is very abrupt. For my pair I spit and spliced and got the colors to hold true. Oh well, when you are using Noro sometimes you win, sometimes you just miss it.

Now head out to the party, party, party!


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