Friday Fibering

I got no FOs, so it’s just an update on what I working on now.


And it’s more bunny butts!!! I needed a baby gift for a friend of CG. She has a little boy and it’s just natural that he needs a hat. And after that cute bunny butt hat of a few weeks ago I couldn’t resist. This time I am reversing the yarns to use the cream as the bunny. I grabbed a scrap of orange to use for the accent, and won’t have enough to repeat the checkers above the bunnies. Oh well, I am used to running short! No one will even know it’s supposed to have a repeat anyway.

I am stalled on the mittens while I figure out a better way to close that thumb. All my attempts made the thumb too long. So it’s waiting for me to just get back at it. 3rd time will be there charm I am sure.


Tonight is our last regular season home basketball game. I am planning to cast on a linen stitch cowl with these yarns to pass the time during the game. I figure the hat will be done before game time, and I don’t want to fiddle with the mittens, so an easy repeat pattern will be just the thing. It’s for one of the teachers, who will be there, so I can get her OK on the colors and pattern. She wants it long enough to wrap twice, but not deep. I figure these leftovers will work, plus they match the school’s colors. Go Bears!

Time to visit the local haunts. Here and here.


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