Inspiration Saturday

Not much of anything really inspiring me today. But one thing is propelling me. The Love Your Library Challenge had a prompt for February. It was to get your library in order. I was able to get my books organized and online, but the paper patterns have not met the same fate. So, it looks like my Saturday will be spent getting those 4 binders full online.

It’s not like I haven’t had weeks to get it done. Instead I have wasted my time and procrastinated. Hmm, wonder who I can blame that on? Oh, yeah, me.


Also propelling me to action is getting the bunny hat done before February creeps away. Yes, I did say I would have that done before game time on Friday. But, only, I didn’t actually get it done. I got quite a bit done AT the game, it was a snoozer, but I still did not finish. And now I am wondering if I will have enough cream to finish!! So, yeah, not doing too good in that area either. The bunny ears just might be a bit short. I knew my luck with finishing Cancan without a shortage was not going to hold.

So, what kind of propulsion are you working with today? Do tell.

4 thoughts on “Inspiration Saturday

  1. Sometimes deadlines give you the little kick in the butt that you need! I recently went through and added all the magazines that I had to my library, it was a little annoying but felt good when I was done. Especially since I never think to browse through them in their physical form when looking for a new pattern to knit!

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