February Recap


1075 yards and 4 skeins knit
810 yards and 6 skeins purchased.
$44.14 spent on yarn and patterns. Not bad considering how much I added last month! And the yarn purchased this month is for 2 specific items, baby boy knits.

Barely squeaked out a positive decrease there. Just 265 yards less purchased, but negative balance on skeins added with 2 more than before.

2221 yards and 9 skeins knit
220 yards and 1 skein destashed
2441 yards and 10 skeins out of the stash!
4026 yards and 20 skeins purchased.
So I am 1585 yards and 10 skeins up.
I’ve got a lot of work to reverse those numbers!

February FOs

The output this month was low, due to having to reknit Cancan!

February Goals: I sucked at them

  • No new yarn! Failed
  • Finish French Cancan-January Love Your Library item Passed!!
  • Finish Hat on the needles Passed! 
  • Start matching hat for the baby sister Passed!!
  • Cast on Miss Dashwood-February Love Your Library item Failed
  • Organize pattern/book library-Challenge prompt for Love Your Library. As of right now Half Credit

Hopefully I will do better next month?

March Goals:

  • Cast on Miss Dashwood!
  • Start on Baby gifts. I need a baby boy item, a baby girl item, and a plan for the next baby girl.
  • Start on a shawl for a friend
  • Finish the Fiddlehead Mitts

That’s enough. Considering my lack of productivity in February, I don’t want to jinx it. Plus, no more basketball games to knit at, so who knows how much time I will commit to knitting at home. Too many distractions here.


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