Love Your Library, v. 9


For March, Snap has given us the prompt: “March: What’s in Your Library? Now that you’re organized, let’s take a closer look at it. How many patterns do you have? What is your library composed of? Books? Magazines? Single pdf’s? What is your weakness in terms of acquiring new patterns?”

So here’s my snapshot of my library items.


This is not a complete listing as I haven’t added all the patterns I have saved in Box, my file app for my phone. But I think it’s fairly close to the total. I purged books and patterns last year so this listing is likely going to stay set for a while. I may pick up a pattern here or there, but since I am trying to knit from stash and my library this year, I am trying to keep that to one pattern a month at most.

The books cover a wide variety of topics, but the booklets are mostly Dale of Norway baby and adult. The magazines are a few Knitters, a few Vogue, with the majority Interweave. The single patterns include purchased and free patterns.

If I had to guess the content of my patterns it would be 30% sweaters, 30% baby items, 20% shawls/wraps, and 20% accessories/miscellaneous items.

At this point my weakness for acquiring patterns is blogs. And pretty much always has been. I see cute things others are making and I just can’t resist. And to a small extent my local shop helps. We knit there every week, so you just gotta look at all the good stuff!


Current LYL challenge knitting is the pair of Fiddlehead Mitts I started last week. I set them aside to make a hat and now I have cast on a cowl. I am making a cowl for one of DG’s teachers. I am doing two colors in a slip stitch pattern. I think. I haven’t found one that floats my boat yet. But the mittens will see the light of day this week. I will trade off knitting time between the two items. I am just amazed I have been keeping my projects to 1-2 at a time lately. What’s up with that? I used to do 3-4 at a time.

And who knows, #3 might make it on the needles if I cast on Miss Dashwood, my main LYL challenge pattern for March. I am soooo tempted!

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