Stitch Along Wednesday and the others

Not that it matters that you stop here today, I got nothing! Oh, I have done some knitting, But when you rip out the 350 sts you cast on, 3 times!!!! Or was it 2? I can’t remember since I have lost all ability to function right now, you tend to not have any progress to show. Who knew? Lack of sleep from babysitting a 6 week old puppy for one night and most of the next day messed me up. Exhausted! And now I will spend today continuing the clean up of rugs and carpets from the messes the little butt made. Seems there might be an intestinal issue for the poor mite. So I told her momma, sorry, but I am too busy for that kind of care.

So, between puppy sitting and ripping out I am falling behind. But then I remind myself, Enough! I have until May to finish her cowl, it isn’t being made for warmth, more as a decoration. But what about all that baby knitting!!! Enough. The first baby gift is needed in 2-1/2 weeks, you have time to knit a baby vest. But, I want to cast on Miss Dashwood for me!!! Enough! You have days and weeks ahead to start the shawl. Whew, I am even more exhausted from arguing with myself.

I am trying to use two yarns to make a cowl for one of DG’s teachers. I thought linen stitch. Nah, too small a needle the first time. OK, a slip stitch with yarn in the back on 2 size larger needle. Nah, too tight of a stitch pattern, so the moving of 350 sts  per row was taking forever! So ripped it too. OK, I guess it’s only been twice. Now I will cast on a 3rd time and this time use the Knit 1 below pattern. I know what kind of fabric I can get with that and the size needle I want to use.


Butterbeer from Forbidden Woolery and Brown from Koigu. A sport and a fingering, but I am thinking it won’t really matter.

Hope your knitting has been much more successful than mine! Hope over to the parties to see how accomplished others have been in my place! Here and here, and I think that’s it?


4 thoughts on “Stitch Along Wednesday and the others

  1. Oh those yarns will be lovely in linen stitch. I hope you’ll post pics?

    Poor pup. Sounds like it definitely needs a vet visit. 😦

  2. I haven’t knitted anything in almost a week!! I feel your pain! I’m hopeful I’ll get to cast on something this evening. Those yarns look divine. 🙂

  3. I haven’t knitted much this week either. I had a migraine for three days this week so I haven’t felt like it. I do have quite a few things on the needles, and another to be cast on. You will get your mojo back. HUGS

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