Inspiration Saturday

It’s been a week. 3 snow days off school for the Diva. Shaking my head, it should only have been 1.5 at the most. They called it off the first day on the THREAT of bad weather. The weather didn’t start until noon, so they could have done that morning and then been sent home when the weather arrived. Then they were out the 2nd day, no problem with that. It was about 8-10 inches of snow, ice, and sleet, so roads were iffy. But Friday? Seriously? But it did afford me a day of Diva helping clean carpets, so it was good. And I did get some knitting done,  which is the source of my inspiration today.

I cast on a baby tank/vest for one of the little ones making an appearance this year. I got a note from WEBs that they had a special price on a new to me yarn, Jenny Watson Merino DK. I just knew it would be perfect for the baby items I needed. So I got 4 colors to mix and match.

image image
Amazing the difference between night time lighting and flash.*

The inspiration? Random striping with colors. So you ask, what’s so inspiring about that? Because I am OCD!!! Do you even know how hard it is to be random when you are OCD? So I have numbered 4 pieces of paper with 1, 2, 4, and 8. And then 4 pieces of paper with A-D. To determine what comes next I draw two pieces of paper and thus I have the color I use and the # of rows to knit with it.

So now I am inspired to stripe all kinds of things!!! Maybe the next sequence will be Fibonacci Striping? Hmm, all those scraps in that basket up in the craft room?

A Fibonacci Stripe Blanket or a Color Block Blanket? Oh well, that’s inspiration for another day!

*Next time I need to choose 4 colors that are more distinct from each other. That cream and green are too close in value.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration Saturday

  1. Ha, love that you need a formula to be random! I’m the same. Will have to try that Fibonacci striping technique on something small first. Hmmm, a Fibonacci striped hexipuff would be kinda fun!

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