It’s Friday Fun Time!!


I tried to get this done last week but fell short. So here it is. Bunny Butts Too!!!

image Bunny Milo image

Now that it’s done I need to get an address for the momma so I can get this mailed to the baby. I used Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport, man it is just too skinny for a US5 needle. I knit this on a US4 and it was still loosey goosey! Won’t use that yarn anymore. The last time I used it I held it double so didn’t have the same experience as this time.

Llama butts held double

Yes, you’re seeing double here


We’ve had another little snow storm this week, so now going on day 3 with no school today. Argh! They will be making up missed days into June at this point. And I will be leaving my hair dryer by the back door until then it seems. LOL!


In other knitting news I finally settled on a stitch pattern I liked with the gold and brown yarn I am using. I am knitting 1 row in brown by doing the knit 1 below stitch. Then a row of gold in purl stitch. Much happier with this than the other slip sts I was trying.

So now, all is well in my world, College Girl will be home tomorrow for her Spring Break, along with my sister’s pup Duncan who will be staying with us a few weeks. It will be pure pandemonium around here!! So glad the dogs all love each other. Now, if we can just get rid of the snow so I don’t have to dry off three dogs each time they go out!

Time for the party hopping. Here, here, and here.


9 thoughts on “It’s Friday Fun Time!!

  1. I love the bunny & llama butt hats!!! I may need to cast one of these on 🙂 I’m sure my niece could use a bunny butt hat for Easter! And the pups are darling. Hopefully it stops snowing and enjoy your time with your daughter! Sounds like you two will have a great time!

  2. We just got six inches of snow, on top of the old ice and slush from before….so tired of it!
    Love the bunny butts!

  3. I think those hats are adorable!!! Love the pattern you decided on for the gold and brown yarns, they really are lovely together. My pup loves the snow but then comes in with it stuck to the fringe on his feet, he really doesn’t like that. Enjoy CG time home! Hope the puppy you are sitting better doesn’t leave presents on your carpet! Have a great weekend! HUGS

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