Monday Musings

This is a great week! College Girl is home for the week and we get to hang out. Hopefully she can recharge and be ready to get back at it with a week of relaxation under her belt.

Today I am musing about my 2015 word. Enough. I am supposed to remember that my knitting is Enough. How much I get done, who I knit for, and what I make, it’s Enough. Of course, with all of these babies coming I am forgetting that word. Of course, with all of the promised knit items I have committed to I am forgetting that word. Of course, with all of the stuff you people keep knitting and tempting me with I. AM. FORGETTING. THAT. WORD. Would y’all please stop! Oh no, she pulled out the “y’all”* word. LOL

 Do you guys not realize how much trouble you can get me in? Too many lovely things come from your needles and I just don’t have time to knit them all on top of the things I must knit! So, you gotta stop. I beg you. Save me from myself!

Latest progress on the knitting:.

*Being from Southern Indiana and having attended college in Central Kentucky, I am  surrounded by people who say y’all. But from the time I can remember I have always said “you guys”. So if I pull out “y’all” it’s serious!


One thought on “Monday Musings

  1. I love y’all. I picked it up from my friend who is from Houston and to me it’s a term of affection.

    I think your word of the year is great. I think you are already checking yourself and from what I’ve read, you pretty good at prioritizing and balancing your life and your projects 🙂

    But I feel you on the “all the wonderful knitted things in the internet world” as I explain to my husband.

    I hope you have a wonderful time while your daughter is visiting. I hope you get to sneak in a new cast on with me at the end of the week. hehe. between our baby knits.

    enough already! 😉 not yet …

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