LYL vol. 9, Whatcha Workin’ On, Stitch Along Wednesday

Missed posting the LYL Challenge yesterday so I am including an update today.

love-logo2_big image11 SAW
Hit the pics for the parties!

LYL: In keeping with the March prompt, I am looking at my library in a different way. We are to consider where our weakness for purchasing/acquisition is.

For me it’s you pesky knitters who show me all your lovely projects on your blogs. But then I got to thinking, it’s not only blogs, it’s FB, Instagram, and other social media options. Sometimes it’s not even something that a poster made, it’s a link to a freebie, or a discount on a designer’s pattern. In the local yarn shop, where we knit every Wednesday, it’s shop samples. And boy do they have a ton, so it’s a fair chance I will find something of interest there.

So, knowing where the weakness lies, just what am I supposed to do about it!! I can’t stop visiting blogs, you are all too dear to my daily down time. I can’t stop going to knit with my pals, that’s my weekly recharge event. I guess I will just have to be strong and use my Word For the Year. Enough! I have enough patterns to knit from. I need to reengage with those books and patterns I bought with the intention of knitting from them. I need to be more discerning in what I choose to knit. I need to determine if the new, gotta have, must knit, I LOVE it, pattern is really something different, usable, and desired. I must make the decision that not all I want is what I need. Enough.

My current LYL Challenge/Stitch Along project is from a Debbie Bliss book. It’s called Tank Top, so original! I decided to stripe it using Jenny Watson DK yarn from WEBS. So similar to Baby Cashmerino, but less expensive! This vest is for Logan in Louisville.


The back is done, now on to the front. The paper slips are numbers and letters which I used to determine the color and # of rows for the stripes. I am fairly pleased with the results of the stripe experiment. Now to make sure I duplicate the stripes for the front. Which I already messed up once. LOL

Other knitting has seen some light. I knit on the teacher’s cowl at the last ballgame for our boy’s basketball program. We lost the final Sectional game, even though we had a huge lead in the 1st quarter. But thanks to the refs, and I am sooo not lying here, they allowed the other team* to come back to tie it going into the half. At least I was able to show her the colors working together. She approved.


The stitch pattern is the Knit 1 Below pattern
Row 1: purl in CC
Row 2: K1B, K1
Row 3: Repeat Row 1
Row 4: K1, K1B

And finally, I got that thumb done! So here’s the 1st mitten done without the liner.


I think it turned out well. Doesn’t seem to feel aborted or altered in any way. Now to find time to work on the 2nd hand and both liners.

*You see, the other team has been the stellar team in town all year, while we have been the 2nd ranked team. So there was no way the refs were going to allow that team to not be the winner in the end. They have only lost one game, to an out of city team, and the funny thing is, their students blamed that loss on……THE REFS! LOL.

5 thoughts on “LYL vol. 9, Whatcha Workin’ On, Stitch Along Wednesday

  1. Oooh that mitt is special. Is there second mitt syndrome ? 😉 I hear ya, sister, on the knit the pattern I have with the yarn I have: solidarity is …ooh look new yarn … 😀

  2. Just hopping over from KCCO. The tank top looks great, and I hear you about the temptation of all those knitting projects that people post on their blogs. It’s soooo hard to resist adding them all to your own knitting queue!

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