Monday Musings on Mid March

Alliteration much?

Light production so far this month. Just not pushing myself right now, and I’ve been wasting time with other pursuits. Puzzles, word and picture, brain activities, and running around with the College Girl has taken up my time. Plus, lack of basketball games has reduced my knitting time. Although Lacrosse is starting up, so maybe if the weather is nice I will knit through those. But our experience with Lacrosse games is wet, cold, or both!

So far in March I have finished a baby vest, finished up the first outer mitten of a pair, and knit on a cowl. Dismal for the first half of the month.

 image image image

357 yards, 2 skeins
0 yards, 0 skeins, 1 pattern
$3.92 spent.

So, even though I haven’t knit up much, at least I haven’t bought any!! That will change soon, as I need to replenish my baby girl colors to cover some baby girl items. 3 girls to knit for, 2 more boys.

How am I doing with the March Goals?

  • Cast on Miss Dashwood! – NOT, yet.
  • Start on Baby gifts. I need a baby boy item, a baby girl item, and a plan for the next baby girl. – Baby boy done, baby girl casting on this week.
  • Start on a shawl for a friend – NOT
  • Finish the Fiddlehead Mitts – One outer mitt done, does that count?

My Musings today? Need to get going on those goals!

The Dashwood shawl will be cast on next week as we head to Florida for Diva Girl’s Spring Break.  Hopefully I can get a lot done on it while sitting in the sun on the pool deck. Never on the beach. Enough sand finds its way into my knitting while on the pool deck!

The Baby Girl sweater will get worked on this week, maybe even see a finish if I knuckle down.

The Cowl needs to be done ASAP so the teacher can at least wear it once? It’s at least halfway, so should be no problem there.

The mittens? They will be done eventually. At this point I don’t think they are very vital for comfort. LOL!


3 thoughts on “Monday Musings on Mid March

  1. The mitten looks awesome. And totally love the vest. Your “random” striping technique turned out great. No hurry on the mitten…it’s Springtime so cast on for something springy 😃

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