10 On Tuesday

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day and Happy Birthday to my Dad. Guess I should go ahead and call him.

If I found a pot of gold, what would be the 10 things I would do with it?

  1. Pay off the house!!!
  2. Buy the family new cars.
  3. Buy a yarn shop!
  4. Travel to Ireland, Scotland, and England.
  5. Donate, guess I should have done this first. Find a worth cause and set up a fund for it.
  6. Create a Scholarship for those middle class kids who fall through the cracks. Their parents make too much to be selected for financial need, and for those who aren’t the 4.0 students who get all the academic scholarships. For those who really need help getting through college.
  7. Buy an RV!!! Travel our west to see all the beauty of our USofA.
  8. Fund the remaining 2 years of undergrad for College Girl and pay for Med school to a school of her choice.
  9. Ditto for Diva Girl, 4 years under/4 years med.
  10. Be able to buy gifts and items for those I love or those in need.

What about you? If you found the leprechaun’s pot of gold today, what would you do with it?


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