Summer Time and the livin is easy…

Wait, it’s Spring Time and not really warm yet. Well, it may not be warm where I am from, but where I am right now it will be in the 70’s-80’s this week. Ah, Florida!!! But our intro to the trip was a bit of a downer. Fog so thick you could barely see down the beach. The sun broke through for a bit, but by 1:30 we called it quits. At least we had golf, NASCAR, and March Madness, to keep us entertained back in the condo.

Now to see if the sun comes out tomorrow to grace us with it’s warmth.

In the knitting department, I completely ripped out the cowl I was working on. On the trip down I cast on a different cowl and have been pleased with it’s look. I am just using 2 row stripes of the gold and brown yarns with an 8 st repeat of slipping the brown. Too lazy to go get the cowl to take a photo, sorry.

Hopefully I can get a lot of knitting done this trip, when I am not trying to corral these Hooligans!



3 thoughts on “Summer Time and the livin is easy…

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