Has anyone even missed me?

Did you even notice I wasn’t around? Sniff, feeling neglected and forgotten……

ENOUGH with the pity party! Remember, that’s my word for the year, Enough. So, anywho.

The lack of posting around here is because of the lack of KNITTING around here! Gah! It is beyond horrible, it is devastating. The biggest reason for the non knitting is the fact I actually have been knitting. And knitting and knitting! But when you knit the same project 3 times and it’s still a failure, what do you do?

I have been trying to make a cowl for one of the teachers at DG’s high school. she requested not too deep and brown and gold. Easy I thought, I have those colors in two different yarns. Easier said than done. I have tried 3 different patterns and cannot get any of them to work. I have about 300 yards total and she wants it shallow but enough to loop twice around. At this point I am thinking I might just forget the whole thing and beg her to choose a different project.

I also have a baby sweater on the needles and the baby will be here in 2 weeks. Not a big deal, but the sweater is for this spring/summer, so I want it to be available as soon as she arrives. Her daddy saw me knitting the other night and heard me say I had so many babies to knit for this year. He said, “Can I add one?” and I gladly showed him he didn’t have to I was already working on her sweater. He was so excited! LOL, not usually the dad who gets it and appreciates hand knit things.

image image
Sorry for the flash, night time lighting isn’t the best.
On the left before vacation, on the right as of today.

The other day we had a fierce storm blow through, I am sure it was a precursor to a tornado that later hit to our east. There was definitely a gentle roar that was sustained for at least 30 seconds, if not longer. I kept thinking it was a car revving it’s engine or racing out of the neighborhood. But it was only the wind.  Of course, I was standing at the back door while this all blew through, very smart of me, not! We went out for dinner since the power was off and on the way there we found out why. Downed power lines to our west. The tree is our friend’s, laying on the house next door. Thankfully it didn’t do any structural damage on the newly built house it fell on.

image image

And to leave you on a more positive note, this was dinner tonight. Yummy!!!


Homemade meatballs in stroganoff sauce. Reames Egg Noodles are my go to for dishes like this.

Oh, and another reason I am not getting much knitting done? Puzzles. Yes, puzzles. Not the cardboard kind, not the word kind, but the online cardboard kind. Wait, what? A Jigsaw puzzle app on my iPad. Yes, I am ashamed to admit how much time I am wasting doing puzzles!!! Oh, and Wordbrain on my iPhone. For which I just ordered the most adorable case! I have been living with a bland black case since I got my phone in December. It was time to jazz it up!


5 thoughts on “Has anyone even missed me?

  1. Me too ! My blog has been a little sparse, as you say, how many times can you blog about the same WIP ? It gets mentioned in 6 blogposts *ashamed face*. So glad you are OK after a storm like that x

  2. I haven’t had time to read blogs in about a month. So sorry if I didn’t know you’re missing. But I know you had a great spring break because of Facebook.

    I made my girl and honey cowl. It’s the perfect size. Not too deep and just right for a double loop. I don’t know how it would work with 2 yarns though. It’s 8 1/2 inches wide. And 54 inches around. It took me two skeins of patons wool. I bet you could start with the honey cowl pattern and use a slip stitch pattern to incorporate the 2 yarns. The winter issue of Vogue knitting had some great mosaic stitch patterns. there’s even a Cowl, but it doesn’t loop around twice. I wonder if you could just cast on more stitches. Let me know if you want me to send you the pattern.

  3. I’m glad you’re back. I’m struggling with a “simple” cowl project too, so I’m right there with you. I love that it was the Dad that was excited for the baby knit.

    I’m drooling for the Beef Storganoff Meatballs!! So jealous!

    I’m glad you and yours and the new building were all safe during the storms. Be careful. No back door standing! 😉

    ps: We are going to have a little get away with The Manfriend this time after school gets out and I have been thinking about bringing a puzzle. I think you just solidified it for me.

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