Finally FO Friday and all that

I never thought this day would come again. OK, so maybe not that dire of a prediction, but it’s been a long slog lately. Finally I have a FO!!!! And a darling one to boot.

I saw this pattern on a blog a bit ago, and now can’t remember where, but had to get the pattern immediately! With 3 baby girls to knit for this year I knew I would get my money’s worth from the minimal cost.


I used some of the Jenny Watson Merino DK I got from WEBS a month or so ago and it was perfect. I am afraid the neckline is a bit too wide, but won’t know if it’s a bad fit for a while. Baby is due any day now, but not sure how soon she will be able to wear it.

The stitch pattern at the yoke and bottom edge is such a sweet detail, I love it. Now to work a different short row technique for the next one. And there will be a next one, and a next one! I already have the yarn ready to go.


Picked up these lovely ladies at Sheepskeins the other day. New Ella Rae Cozy Soft. Very nice hand, can’t wait to see how it knits up. It will be great for baby items as it’s 75% acrylic 25% wool. Not my usual fav for knitting with, hoping it isn’t hard on the wrists. Yes, acrylic hurts my wrists and fingers. I assume because of the inelastic properties of acrylic.

I plan to try the German Short Row technique for the short rows this time. It’s also referred to as Double Stitch. I am hoping there will be less of an obvious break in the garter.

Now, on to other FOs and Fiber Fun via the lovely ladies here, here, and here.


7 thoughts on “Finally FO Friday and all that

  1. The baby sweater looks great. I love the yarn you’ve chosen (at least the color) for the next one. Maybe the blend with the wool, will be easier on your wrists. Wishing you happy knits.

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