Much better

On to more knitting, so glad I made it past the block of that cowl that killed my mojo. But anywho, I am on to the 2nd sweater from this darling pattern. I got the yarn at my local shop, new to me Ella Rae, Cozy Soft.


Saturday night we went to see a friend’s band at a local city’s festival. They do oldies and yuck it up all night. So much fun to watch and listen to. I took the yarn to start the sweater, something to keep me busy on the drive over and while we sat and enjoyed the show. I decided to try German Short Rows on the 2nd sweater to reduce the obvious turn of the short rows. And I am very pleased with the results.

 image image

You can still slightly detect the turn point in the piece, but it’s not as obvious. The Ella Rae seems a bit thinner than the Jenny Watson merino DK, and much silkier in feel. So far the acrylic-ness of it hasn’t bothered my wrists.

The newer knit is being made to size 6-12 months and the first one was knit 0-6 months. The 3rd one, using the remainder of the Ella Rae, will be knit in the 1-2 year size.

You would think I would not be wanting to knit this 3 times over, but I just love the construction, the pattern, and the finished sweater, so it’s a keeper. And for those times I don’t want to deal with the yoke and hem pattern, it’s also written for just garter stitch.

Now, maybe I should take a break from this sweater to actually finish the bind off of the cowl! I was in the process of doing that when the need for a small item to knit on during the show presented itself. I didn’t want to take the cowl and have it done on the car ride over. But I guess I could have done that and then left it in the car? Quick thinking, NOT!


2 thoughts on “Much better

  1. Such a charming sweater pattern. Lucky babies! Hope that you manage to finish the cowl soon. I have a couple of cowls on my gift list but not feeling very excited to get started on them.

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