Catch up/Ketchup/Catsup/Cabitch

Totally off topic, but the Ketchup reminds me of a story my Mom tells about my youth. I had a lisp when younger and wasn’t always understood. If you didn’t know my intent sometimes I wasn’t able to get my request across. One day at a family friend’s house I was asked if I wanted something on my sandwich. I said “cabitch”. Pat got me lettuce, but explained she had no cabbage. I said I wanted cabitch not lettuce. She kept asking me again what I wanted and I adamantly said “cabitch”. She finally told me to just get what I wanted out of the fridge. Of course I got the Ketchup.

My Cabitch on the knitting:

Finished the cowl!!! Finally. Just needs to be blocked to make it a little looser in the stitch. I will do a final blocked shot for Friday with it on the wire dress form.

image image
The pattern is Thirty-Eight

Work is progressing on the latest baby item. Another sweater for a baby girl.

image image
Photo on left for color, on right for texture.

And then tonight I found out there is another baby coming!! So the total to date for babies this year is 9. I have 3 items done, 1 started, and now 5 more to go! The last two I don’t know gender on, so far it’s been 3 girls and 4 boys. I bought some yarn today for the next two boys items.

I got Araucania Ranca in a celery green and a bright blue. I am planning to alternate 2 row strips and make vests with the yarn. Being a sock weight I plan to hold the yarn double to hasten the projects.

And just because it makes me happy, my new IPhone 6 case!! Too bad I had to take the photo with my IPad, which has a crappy camera compared to my phone.

image image
It came with a new screen protector, a stylus, and a cleaning cloth.

I love it! So cheery. But now I have eleventy billion cloths and styluses! True. I bought a pack of two styluses one time. Then for a gift Hubster gave me a pack of two styluses, do they ever pack them as 1? And now I have a 5th one that came with the case. I am set on styluses for the next millennia/um(?). And each purchase of an electronic item seems to come with a cleaning cloth now. And I was also gifted one of those recently. I guess I should stash them all over the house and my car like I do with the eleventy billion readers I bought last year! And the umpteen chapsticks I have. I’m seeing a pattern here….hoarding maybe?


2 thoughts on “Catch up/Ketchup/Catsup/Cabitch

  1. Lovely! I have finished gifts for two babies and am working on a baby cocoon for the last one. Then, I am done, no more baby items! I want to knit for me, I have several pretty yarns that I have purchased for me. I love your new phone case, very pretty!

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