April Recap a little late

What with Anniversary, Prom, retrieving College Girl from College, and life, I am falling further and further behind. At least the knitting is revived.

fotor collage maker

Yards knit 710 – Yards bought 785 = 75 more yards going into the stash. Ugh
Skeins knit 4 – Skeins bought 5 = 1 more skein in the stash

2015 Spent on yarn in April 24.66 Spent on yarn YTD 105.26
2014 Spent on yarn in April 46.22 Spent on yarn YTD 240.07
Much better on that stat

YTD yarn knit 3540 – YTD yarn bought 6579 = 3,039 more yards in stash! Ack!!!
YTD skeins knit 16 – YTD skeins bought 25 = 9 more skeins gathering in my stash. Oy!

YTD FOs 15. Need to pick up the pace and get these baby knits done.

OK, Enough. No more stressing. Just recap and go on. It’s not a race, even though I try to make it one.



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