It was a magical night, and veeeeeerrrrrry looooooonnnnnggggg

Prom 2015 was this weekend. And other than the last minute forgot to order the corsage and boutonnierre as always, it went off without a hitch. Diva Girl was her usual gorgeous, and the Beau was his usual handsome self. And this year we went a little crazy with the photos. I think I took twice as many as in the past, using my camera and my phone. I was juggling many hats.

     image image
In their dirty boots

image image
Posing with the 300 and in the park

image image
Always with the pink shoes in the shot

They had a great time at the dance and then continued the fun at our house. Between the end of the dance and the next morning we had about 25 kids drop in. By 2:00 am I went to bed. At 5:00 am, after a kitchen raid, I asked if maybe they could all hit the hay. Momma was a tired girl. By 9:00 am we started making noise and got a breakfast array of bits and bobs prepared and fed the crew, thankfully down to 12 at this point. Then the second wave of food came, doughnuts, and they ate some more. LOL. Where do they put it all?

By noon we were down to 1 child, College Girl who was held hostage in our bedroom all night. Her room is down the hall from the party (bonus) room, so she sought refuge with us all night. So, 2 adults, 1 young adult, and 2 dogs in one bedroom suite made for lots of musical bed, floor, and lounger! LOL. Hubster says the lounger does not make for all night sleeping.

Besides Prom this weekend has been full of activity. Friday night was spent at the ballpark watching our beloved Cardinals beat the Pirates. Only, we had to leave before the extra inning win. Tied at 1-1 in the 9th we were facing a long drive into the wee hours. So much to College Girl’s disappointment we left. She was able to catch the end on her app, but it’s not the same as being there. So, she and Hubster went back on Saturday and saw almost the same game. Tied 1-1, extra innings, she got to stay this time, and then a Cardinals win!! Her fav player got the win and was the promo of the day, a Matt Carpenter jersey*. Thanks to the generosity of some local companies we were given complimentary tickets for both games.

The knitting for the travel to and during the game was a new one since I was done with the latest baby sweater. Meadow Grass pattern with some yarn I received in trade from Fistful of Fiber. Mardi Gras is the name and boy is it!


This will be for my Mom, sure hope I can gift to her on Mother’s Day, but that’s questionable. If not I will give her a copy of the pattern with an IOU! Won’t be the first time.

*Hubster gave me his jersey so I got one in absentia.


3 thoughts on “It was a magical night, and veeeeeerrrrrry looooooonnnnnggggg

  1. You are sooo kind and generous to make your place party central. I was feeling exhausted for you and then I read the word doughnut and I might need to eat one now. ha! She looks lovely in her dress. I love baseball knitting, it’st he best! I went last night to see the Giants with my friends and we knit 🙂

  2. Oh, to be that young and beautiful again, LOL! They are adorable! I ditto what Ellen said….it was so cool of you to host an after Prom party. Love the colors of that shawl! I am so into green and purple right now.

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