Still clicking away

with the needles. I just have been taking care of business here at home and away, so the updates are lacking. In the past week we have been to Indy once again. This time to send College Girl off to Spain for a 3 week journey from Madrid to Santiago. Hubster and I drove her up Tuesday night and caught a few winks in a hotel before taking her to the airport at 3:45 AM!!!! There are two 3 o’clocks in one day? Who knew.

BFF and College Girl waiting to fly out

Since she has been gone we have kept in touch with messages and Face Time. So thankful for all the technology that allows us to stay connected. And loved the FlightAware app that allowed us to track her flight across the pond.

The trip to Indy saw a bit more knitting on the shawl for Mother’s Day. And here at home I have gotten more done. But getting down to the wire I am not sure if I will make it. I am finally on the border, but I still have about 30 rows to go, so not holding my breath. I will likely just give her a card with an IOU for the shawl.

Mardi Gras from Fist Full of Fiber

And last, but not least, my child, trying out his new look. I think he’s kinda cute, in a thuggish way.

Just call me Duh Coop!

Seriously needs a haircut! But that’s still a week away. Their vet check up was this week and poor Big Bro has a fatty tumor. Good thing is, it’s not cancerous, but if it gets too big it can impact his left rear leg joint. So we will watch it and see if he starts to have issues. Overall they both are doing great. So thankful for their presence in our lives. In a few years they will be our only “children” at home.

Call me Mr. Chill, always at my Momma’s feet


3 thoughts on “Still clicking away

    1. Go for it. Our old dog/new dog story is how the elder would ring the bell to go out. Then once that annoying puppy was outside the old dog would turn around and come back in! He quickly learned how to ditch the puppy.

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