Whew Wednesday!

I act like there is just so much going on, but really, for a stay at home wife and mom, I have very little to do anymore. Dinner, grocery shopping, light housework*, dog minding (which is a full time job most days), and various odds and ends, don’t take all of my waking hours, so I have a lot of down time. I have thought about volunteering at the hospital if they would let me rock babies. That would be awesome!

I do knit, puzzle, surf the web, and read online stuff. But to reduce my online time I have stopped checking FB every day. It’s to the point there is so much fluff being posted, memes and videos, and so little of the daily stuff my friends are doing. I didn’t friend you on FB to see all these shares, I want to know about your life. But then when I find myself forwarding on those things I realized, it’s not worth it. I need to reclaim my life! So, I picked up the needles. I finished a shawl for my Mom for Mother’s Day, photos on Friday, and then cast on the next item.


3rd baby sweater from pattern P057, yes, that’s the name. OK, it’s also called Baby Angel Top, but P057 is what shows up in my Box app, LOL. This is using the remaining skeins of the Ella Rae Cozy Soft yarn. I should have more than enough for the large size and have leftovers to make a hat. I am thinking to use the edging design as the border and knit it sideways using wedges to create the hat shape. Will need to look at patterns using the sideways knitting to determine how to incorporate the features into a finished product.

Now, off you go to see what else is happening out there in the blog world.

PS. Prayers, if you are so inclined, would be appreciated. Hubster has a decision to make that is weighing heavily on his mind. It will affect our livelihood a bit, so it’s important. And for College Girl who is 1 week into her Spain trip. She is blistered, achey, and having the time of her life! So happy for this experience for her.

*allergies to chemicals and dust mean I am limited on cleaners I can use and running the vacuum is just not happening. We even have one of the supposedly hypo vacs. Yeah, there really is no hypo vac. The exhaust usually just blows it all right back into the air.


6 thoughts on “Whew Wednesday!

  1. I hope everything works out and that your daughter has fun, but not too much:)
    The color of that yarn is gorgeous!
    I don’t do FB and I’m glad I never bothered. I lose enough time to the computer as it is.

  2. I know exactly what you mean Chris, I get so tired of seeing anything but personal stuff from my friends. FB is a huge time waster for me as well and I’ve been thinking of suspending my account for a while. I really don’t use it much. I am a 1 project girl right now, trying to get a sleeveless button front cardi done for myself. I want to cast something else on so I can switch between the two and I have a top to finish so I need to do that as well. I may drag it out tonight. You have my prayers dear. Changes are always hard. I am glad that college girl is having fun! It’s wonderful that she got to go. I know what you mean about allergies, take a pill every night and have to change the air filter lots. Have a good week!

  3. Um light house duties? No way, that’s a lot in itself, lady! I find it really impressive that you identified certain aspects of online culture/facebook a time and energy suck and have decided to redirect your energy. It’s really a balanced way to look at things. I’m just glad you are finding ways to enjoy your life amongst the grind of the daily and the care you provide. Best wishes to your husband and you! Obviously you’re a team and I wish you all well.

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