FO Friday

Keep the prayers coming. All kinds of things are hitting my family right now. Nothing dire, but frustrating for many family members. Hard to see them having to struggle with things. For me, life is good and I am getting back into the knitting swing. I was afraid I would not get that mood back.

But thankfully I got it back in time to get my mother’s gift done. The pattern is Meadow Grass, not one I will repeat. Many things I would change about it if I could go back, but not interesting in making it again.

imageThis one for color trueness

imageThis one for lace detail

The yarn used is Fistfull of Fibers, yarn I received in trade from an online friend. The name is Mardi Gras, and it is very Mardi Gras! All the colors you expect from the name. And how perfect it goes with her garden colors.

She has worn a shawl of mine before, but it was a triangle shape and she just isn’t comfortable trying to keep them wrapped. I thought the semi-circle style would work better for her. Give her shoulders coverage when she needs it.

And I am done for the day. Off to get some groceries in since we have NOTHING in the pantry or fridge. Well, nothing we want to eat anyway. LOL. Now, hope over to the link parties and have some fun!! hardknit, iknead, and wonder


8 thoughts on “FO Friday

  1. Turned out lovely! The colors are gorgeous. I am so into green and purple right now. Hoping that things will be brighter for those family members soon. Hope that your eldest is having a wonderful time in Spain.

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