Mid-May Recap

Getting some of this stash knit up this month, little by little. And it helps that I haven’t bought any to reverse the reduction. So, the numbers reveal…

Month to Date:
Knit – 655 yards 2 skeins
Bought – 0 yards 0 skeins!!

Going good so far.

Year to Date:
Knit – 4195 yards 18 skeins
Bought – 7038 yards 25 skeins

Eek! I am 2843 yards and 7 skeins in the hole! I gotta knit faster! I am doing better at not buying as much this year. OK, so I’ve only bought 441 less yards this year. Too bad I have knit 2384 yards less also. I really gotta knit faster!

In the finishing race I have 1 item done so far and another close to done, so 16 for the year. Plans for the rest of the month include another shawl and 1-2 more baby items. And then in June it’s knit for me time!! I mean it! I will have 2 more baby items to do, but I have all summer to get them done, so no rush on those.

May Goals:

  1. Mother’s Day Shawl for my Mom
  2. Finish current baby sweater
  3. Start and finish Annis Shawl
  4. Knit baby vest 1 and 2

Better get back to it, these knits don’t knit themselves. If only I had Molly Weasley’s knitting needles!!!


2 thoughts on “Mid-May Recap

  1. It’s a constant race to knit up the stash, isn’t it? Despite buying a ton of yarn at MDSW, I still had to order some online this week for a couple of upcoming KAL’s. You’re a brave woman for actually keeping track of how much yarn you buy, too. Happy to see that you are dedicating June to knit for yourself.

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