3rd times a charm when WIPping.

I love this pattern, but on the lace version there has to be a mistake. The instructions don’t have you knit over the short row made with row 5. You should knit to the end of the row after finishing the instructions for row 5. This time I am following my intuition and doing that.

Ready to start the right sleeve

Thank you all for the kind thoughts and prayers. The issues at hand are still in limbo, but calm has been restored to some of them, so going forward those affected are a little more positive. College Girl is still in Spain, so continued prayers for her are greatly appreciated!!

Soon I will be less lonely at home. Diva Girl will be done with school this week, so prayers for a job would help out here. She has applied at tons of places and no go. Hoping something opens up soon. I just might go crazy if I have too many people sharing my days with me. College Girl will also needs a job once she gets home, but she has a few prospects to follow up on. Fingers crossed there also. It’s not like I would mind having them around more, but the endless I’m bored, I’m broke, I’m hungry will drive me crazy! I get enough of it from this guy!!!!

OK, so not the broke part, but definitely the
I’m bored, pet me, pet me, throw me the ball!!!!

That was the view I had one day as I was easing into the morning. It’s a sweet face, but the constant begging for attention does get old. Especially since once I pet hism, big brother decides he needs attention too.

OK, head over to the link parties and have some fun!!! I know I will.

 image11 SAW


7 thoughts on “3rd times a charm when WIPping.

  1. There is nothing more frustrating than a mistake in a pattern. Make a note on your Ravelry so you can save others the same frustration. I have gotten in the habit of reading all the “helpful notes” and feel that I owe so many people for leaving a note about pattern errors. The sweater is so pretty! I love that color.

    Oh I’d be petting that nose every chance I got:) Look how cute he is.

    1. I did leave notes in my project. I noticed someone else did have a note on their project, but it wasn’t quite the issue I found, so not sure what they were trying to fix with their tip. I usually forget to look into the project notes to see if someone has posted something. From now on, when I hit a snag I am going to project notes!!

  2. Awww, what an adorable face to wake up to! I am already gearing up to hear that endless litany from my nieces and son this summer. The first month goes ok, but by August, the I’m sooo bored whine gets to be old news. (I usually make them clean the house if they say that more than three times an hour)

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