Friday 3 FO 3

The 3rd time is a charm, right? Well than this is just as charming as it can be. Yes, another P057 pattern has been completed. Now I have to move onto baby boy patterns as there are 3 boys coming in the next 4 months! And then one unknown to finish out the baby boom in November. But for now I give you, Charming.

image image
Still with the Ella Rae Cozy yarn

image The buttons are actually orange with the pink center, just love them!

This sweater will be winging it’s way to the east coast soon, knowing it will be stashed away for a year or two until the little princess can fit into it. I have now made all 3 sizes from the pattern and can say they are all just adorable! If you are interested, I did make mods on this one. There is an issue with the lace version that just rubbed me the wrong way so I noted the changes I made on my Rav project page. 

Now on to the next knit. Annis from Knitty using this yarn. I have no idea when or where I picked this up, but with 2 other skeins similar in color I am using this to make a shawl for a friend. But now that I gaze on it in cake form, I want to keep it!!!!

Soft limey green and denim blue

And just because he got left out the other day, the old dog is no stranger to the pampered life.

Blankets AND pillows!

Now head out for the party places! You know you want to. Here, here, and here.


7 thoughts on “Friday 3 FO 3

  1. The baby is sweater is lovely! I really like the buttons.
    You are really having a baby boom in your life. I have to knit for two babies, one we won’t know the gender under birth and I am at a loss for what to knit.

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