Wow, I suck at posting lately

Not sure where my posting mojo has gone since I have knitting mojo going on. I guess it all waxes and wanes at times and this is just the posting funk. Life continues to be fun and full of all things. But the most important right now is College Girl’s return to the states!!! Picked her up on Thursday after a snag in their travel plans stranded them in Miami on Wednesday. I was already 30 minutes into my drive north to get her when I got word they missed their flight. A 3 hour delay leaving Spain caused that. She ended up suffering from a migraine for the last 2 days of her trip, so that didn’t help being stranded.

Other news is Diva Girl is considering Daemen College for university, she’s a senior starting in August. Hubster is not amused. He had enough issue with CG being so far away for 3 weeks, I can’t imaging how he will feel with DG 9 hours away for 8 months of a year. He told her she’s only allowed to come home at Christmas if she’s so far away. Yeah, right. He would drive 9 hours to get her and then drive 9 hours back home to have her here as much as possible.

OK, the knitting is Annis with this lovely Fleece Artist Somoko.


These next shots show the color in various lights.

image image

On left is daylight and on right is twilight. It’s not as grey as the left shows, but not as blue as the right says.

I am slowing down on the rows as the short rows add 3 stitches each time. But it still goes quickly. I am not a fan of the pooling that is happening, but you are going to get that no matter what pattern you use.

Now off to get some more stitches in before bedtime. Friday night and here I sit knitting while Hubster sleeps. Par for the course around here. LOL!


5 thoughts on “Wow, I suck at posting lately

  1. H had wanted to go to school in CA. The Husband told her we’d never see her and she’s only come home Christmas and summers. She ended up an hour away at what was the perfect school for her. We hardly saw her, though she did come home for birthdays and holidays. Your daughter will end up at the best place for her.
    That yarn is lovely!

    1. College Girl found her perfect fit a few hours away. We have encouraged DG to look at the same Uni, but she hates following CG in school. And being the 3rd of 4 I understand the comparison that gets made. She has two other options one 30 minutes away, USI, but in our city, and the other 16 hours away, Glorida Gulf Coast!

  2. A lot can change between now and when she has to finalize her plans. I think I changed my college a half dozen times during my senior year, driving my parents crazy in the process. I ended up going to the same college as my two older brothers and really enjoyed having them close by (free food and cash loans were fringe benefits!) It also made me less homesick, which is bound to happen even to the most independent college goer.

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