Friday FO

Here we are again and I have another FO! It seems to come in feast or famine around here. And I am {} close to another FO, but it will keep until next week. Don’t want to overload you with my swiftness. LOL

So this week’s FO is one I am loath to part with this, but as it was made with someone else in mind, off it goes. I just love the Annis pattern. 2nd time and just maybe I will endeavor to make a 3rd? Okay, I just got sucked into Raverly looking at crescent shaped shawls for about 2 hours!



image image

Yarn is Fleece Artist Somoko, of which I used about 280 yards. Less than what the skein holds, but when you eliminate the nupps, you get leftover. So now what do I do with the less than 100 yards I have remaining? Hmm, not sure, will maybe stash it away and see what comes up. 2nd picture is truer to color.

And once that was done it was on to the next baby knit. This one is needed for July. I had an epiphany that other night. Baby Sophisticate and the 2.5 skeins Berroco Comfort just might make a match. And they do! Plus, I just might have enough to make a 2nd one from the remainder. Which is a good thing since I need 2 more baby boy items.

Sorry for the dull light, but it’s night.

Ok, check out the parties with the fun for this Friday! Here, here, and here.

10 thoughts on “Friday FO

  1. I love the Annis shawl and I admire that you are able to part with it! I need to work on that…And the darling Baby Sophisticate. I’m supposed to be making one of those soon, but i just haven’t found the mojo yet for baby knits. Just keep on rollin! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Dang! You really cranked out that beautiful shawl. I love that you got sucked into ravelry for 2 hrs looking at similar shaped patterns. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in those various trips down the rabbit hole. Your Baby Sophisitcate is shaping up good and fast too! I do enjoy that pattern. it’s a workhorse.

  3. I love your shawl. Is that one of those blocking wires? I have never seen them in action before but that looks much better than using 5000 pins. That baby sweater is precious. Hope you have a great day.

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