Friday FO sorta?

Does it really count as a FO if you haven’t really FO’d it completely? I mean, the knitting is done, the ends are woven in, but the buttons, maybe not. I planned to get buttons on Wednesday. Some on man, I am right there in a knitting shop that has buttons! Or I pass several shops where they sell buttons. But I didn’t pick up any buttons! My mind was distracted at the shop helping a friend become addicted, um, learn to knit a shawl. Then I had to grab some groceries. Then I had to run Diva to the ER*. Then I had to get to choir. It was just not a good day. At least all the events afforded me knitting time.

Baby Sophisticate
Berroco Comfort

My take on the Baby Sophisticate is pass on it. The sizing is not good, too long and narrow for my tastes. So even though it’s easy, just not the best choice. I prefer Gramps, but the gauge was not a good fit for the yarn on hand, so I went with the BS. Of course, that doesn’t explain why I cast on another BS! LOL. I have enough BC left over and with a few additional increases and shortening of the length I think it will be better. And when I finally do get out to get buttons I will just buy double!

Link parties: Here and here.

*She started having pain on Tuesday that the Mec center said might be Gall Bladder. By Wednesday afternoon the pain had not subsided. Called her Doc and they said just take her to ER. Tests did not show any issues with GB, appendix, or kidneys. But the ER Doc prescribed a hida scan to determine if the GB is functioning correctly. I just want them to find something! This poor girl has been through it the last 2 years. With her cysts, pain, and surgery, to try to find answers, she is ready to just be done with all the unnecessary organs in her body! LOL


6 thoughts on “Friday FO sorta?

  1. So sorry about your daughter…I hope they able to finally give her some answers….the sweater came out cute…I haven’t done any baby stuff in awhile…

  2. Hate it when they have to do those “fishing” expeditions! Don’t give up though. Something is causing the pain.
    Wish I had babies to knit for. They are such lovely [nearly] immediate satisfaction knits!

  3. Man, sorry to hear about Diva’s troubles 😦 And thank you for the critique on Sophisticate, I’d been considering making it, shan’t bother now 🙂 Shall try to remember to look up Gramps 🙂 x

  4. Ugh, I’m sorry your girl is having such a rough go! I hope they find out what’s ailing her quickly and she is alright. Sending her lots of healthy wishes. And you too, Mom!

    You’ve been busy! Your BS looks good. I haven’t had issues with the sizing yet but I also haven’t done the Gramps cardi, I’ll have to give it a go! As far as the finishing .. buttons.

    I LOATHE sewing on buttons. I know is it really finished? I’ve been done with my sweater for over a week and I have buttons, i just actually have to sew them on … I will! I will!

    Happy knitting!

  5. Prayers for out for Diva. I can’t imagine how frustrating all of that is. And a lovely Baby Sophisticate! As you modify it, I’d love to know what you do, or maybe I’ll just buy the Gramps cardigan since I want to make myself one of those eventually as well. Anywhoooo, thanks for linking up and sharing your adventures 🙂

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