May Recap/Mid June Recap

May Recap:
1032 yards and 3 skeins knit
0 yards and 0 skeins purchased!!!
Made a big dent into the stash!!!


image image

May Goals:

  1. Mother’s Day Shawl for my Mom
  2. Finish current baby sweater
  3. Start and finish Annis Shawl
  4. Knit baby vest 1 and 2

OK, a few got accomplished.

Mid June Recap:
604 yards and 3 skeins knit
875 yards and 1 skeins received as a prize!! Yay me!
0 yards and 0 skeins purchased!! Go me!
So, actually I am 271 yards in the hole for the month. But down 2 skeins!!

4956 yards and 21 skeins knit
220 yards and 1 skein destashed
1259 yards and 5 skeins acquired
5033 yards and 21 skeins bought
That means I am about 900 yards and 4 skeins in the hole.


This one is finished and gifted.
Not really finished because they need liners.
Baby Knit #9 Not really finished because it needs buttons.

Goals for June:

  1. Finish the Fiddlehead mitts, just need liners
  2. Finish Baby Item #10, 2nd Baby Sophisticate
  3. Cast on Miss Dashwood for me
  4. Start Baby Item #11

If you lasted to this point, good on you!


2 thoughts on “May Recap/Mid June Recap

  1. I love how you keep track of your knitting totals. I’m sure that extra 900 yards won’t take you too long to knit at this rate, and I’m pretty sure gifted yarn doesn’t count as stash 😉

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