WIP Wednesday, or whatever it’s being called now

This month has been a big knitting month so far. Baby items are flying off the needles!! 2 done and 1 more started. 1 shawl done and 1 to be started soon. Fiddlehead mitts just lack the 2nd liner!!! Not sure why I am firing on all cylinders, but I hope it continues. I guess the marathon watching of Netflix is helping. Plus the 3 visits to ER/Dr.s for Diva Girl have given me lots of knitting time. But we finally have an answer, so it’s all good!

Diva Girl is abnormal. Yes, abnormal. OK, so her Gall Bladder test results, HIDA scan, were abnormal. So that means her GB is non-functioning, since the other scans showed no stones in her GB. Now we wait to meet with a surgeon to determine if she needs surgery. We are hoping they go ahead and remove it this year since we have already met all those insurance milestones! Really, we are just glad to finally have an answer to the pain she has been dealing with for the last year or so. Between the ovarian cysts, abdominal pain and back pain, plus break up with her high school sweetheart, she is sooo done! Poor mite.

So the knitting wips I can show today are the start of the next to last baby item and the mittens.

image image

The baby sweater is another Gramps, this time I am edging it with the lighter color, plus doing a stranded design with the lighter teal and an olive green. The design is the diamond pattern from this hat.

The mittens are fiddlehead mitts and I have one liner done and the other will be worked next week. I just needed a break from the finer gauge. The outer mitts are Noro Silk Garden and a Merino Fine yarn. The liner is Misti Alpaca, yummy!!! I used the MA for this shawl, one of my first shawls, Ene.

And somewhere in all this knitting I will be putting Miss Dashwood on the needles. I am using an oyster colored Mad Tosh Sport. Can’t wait to get started on it! I would have done that Tuesday night, but watching the USA play in the Women’s World Cup means I need easy. And even then, I missed an increase on the yoke of the baby sweater!

Not sure where to send you for the link-ups nowadays, so I guess Bing search Wednesday WIPs and see what comes up.


10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday, or whatever it’s being called now

  1. Those mittens are great! Glad you finally have some answers…I do a linkup on Wednesdays…as does Iknead2knit, but Hardknitlife does the Friday linkups….

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