Friday FO

We have been blessed this year to welcome so many babies into the family and circle of friends. Such a joy to know their parents are growing their families be it the first, 2nd or 3rd little one. But this has ended up keeping me busy with knitting! And the latest item is a sweater for a little boy due in July. If you think you are seeing double it’s because it’s the same yarn, and pattern, as last week’s FO. Only this one has the buttons. LOL

image image

Yes, I used the Baby Sophisticate again. Only this time I added some rows to increase the width and used less rows in the length. So it’s a little boxier than the first version. I used the same yarn because I had enough and thought it would be better to use the same pattern since I already knew how much it took. So two very quick and cute baby sweaters with little effort help me keep up with all these babies! Now, just 2 babies left until I am done. Unless we get news from other  sources, LOL!

Once that was done I quickly cast on a shawl for me. Finally Miss Dashwood is on the needles! I wasn’t sure I was going to get the hang of the lace border, but it is finally clicking away. Love it!


And that’s it for me. Hope your knitting life is full of wonderful knits and all that makes you happy!

Evidently the usual suspects are not doing Friday FO posts today?


3 thoughts on “Friday FO

  1. I love your sophisticate! I’m sad I missed my link up 😦 small people tend to keep you very busy when you aren’t used to watching them! I’ll be back next week!!

  2. I love the sophisticate. I made it in cream last fall for my sister’s baby, with wooden buttons from our late Grandmother’s button collection, but I’m really loving yours in grey.

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