What a full weekend, and I don’t really think I did all that much, but it sure was fun when I was doing. Hanging with the Hubster and College Girl for baseball and a live band on Saturday, lunch with Hubster and Diva Girl for Father’s Day, swimming with Diva and the nieces at my Mom’s on Sunday, now at home to watch FIFA with College Girl. It’s been a great weekend.

And there was lots of knitting to go with it. I cast on a Gramps on Tuesday night and by Saturday evening I was almost done with the 2nd sleeve. Here’s the progress before adding sleeves.

image image

The motif is one I used on a hat I made for my great-nephew ages ago. I copied it from a hat I saw on Ravelry which didn’t have a pattern written. I asked the knitter if I could copy it and she said yes. I enjoyed the hat so much I made another. It’s a great way to use up some small amounts of leftovers!

In non knitting fun I received a package from the lovely Remembrances. She showed some weaving she did on pottery. I just had to have one!!! So I placed my order and waited impatiently. And I didn’t have to wait very long.


The bowl is about the size of a small mug, the plate a saucer size. I just love them! The saucer sits on my dresser and I use it to hold jewelry pieces and my watch. The bowl is likely going to get some jute added to the top, as the bowl at the top of her post shows. What talent there is in the world! I really wish I could throw or make pottery. I have done it, but not to any level of proficiency. Maybe in my older age?

As to age, I pointed out to Hubster that I am likely the same age as Mike Rowe, To which he replied, “well you’ve got a lot of catching up to do”. Huh? He explained that Mike Rowe has accomplished so much I am VERY far behind! LOL

OK, back to FIFA watching. Our women play Monday night and we are eagerly anticipating that game.


3 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. Oh it looks so good! You are knitting so much! I love your special touch with the color work! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one following the FIFA! I really enjoy watching the women play. There is just such a raw athleticism in the women’s world cup. Not to imply they are not technical, but it just really seems like they go hard, and they are about the team. Even the media does a better job of not souping up the individual egos too much.

    The pottery is lovely.

  2. Oh Yay! I’m so glad you like them. I’d love to see your finished bowl…I think I have a new idea for one of my grey ones…hope it works out like I see it in my head. I’m loving your Gramps sweater. The argyle in it is lovely.

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