Still a big month for knitting. More baby items off the needles and a just for fun item knit to use up some Noro, all will be revealed in finished form over the next few weeks. To give a peek without revealing all I used my editing feature on my phone to mask the full items. Can you guess what they are?

image image image image

OK, some are very obvious. There is much finishing to do on them, I can’t seem to be bothered to weave in ends and add buttons, I much prefer getting something else on the needles! The bottom right item was cast on to avoid finishing the top left item! LOL. And to avoid continuing with the top right item. But after finishing the bottom left item I went ahead and continued with the top right item. Can I be any more confusing with this post?

In health news, we are wondering if the surgeon will do a 2 for 1, or maybe a 3 for 1, on the gall bladder surgery. Seems my Dad’s GB has to come out too. And we are wondering if College Girl has the same non-functioning condition that Diva and Dad have. I am told it’s hereditary, which sounds totally true. And then Hubster is stricken with horrible abdominal pain on his left side, throwing up, and generally feeling terrible. Not sure what his problem is, so pray it comes to nothing. He does suffer from kidney stones, but he didn’t feel like that was it. I am so done with Dr’s and ERs right now!

Head over to see what else is in the works for others this week.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Praying for all your family. Though it does give opportunity for lots of knitting it’s a bit tough on the family. You can work knitting in other ways. LOL!

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