Friday FO

All this Netflix and FIFA watching yields lots of knitting time! And with all the things I want to knit, it’s a good thing. This week it’s been finishing baby sweaters, knitting something to fill the void, going back to an old sweater started ages ago, and finally getting those mittens done!!!

Collins by Thea Colman

It was started back in early 2014!!! And I had a sleeve done, but it got ripped out. I had two sleeves in the same yarn from 2 different patterns and thought I was ripping out the one I didn’t need, since I had changed my mind on the pattern. Only, I ripped out the one I needed! Oh well, I will just knit it again!

OK, now for the FO. Started in February 2015 and finally finished in June. Fiddlehead Mitts!! X2.


Outers done in Noro Silk Garden and Super Merino Fine. Liners done in Misti Alpaca Sport. These will be a dream to wear with all that lovely alpaca inside! Just hoping Autumn Geisha has a chance to wear them, not sure what kind of winters she has. LOL.

Now back to switching off between the Collins sweater and the Miss Dashwood shawl. Hmm, maybe I should rename the sweater to Mr Collins? Wrong book, but same author.

In health update Hubster has Diverticulitis. We headed to the ER Wednesday morning. I tried to get him there Tuesday night. But no, he had to ruin my knitting morning!! LOL. Poor thing, he is still in pain, and on an  antibiotic to clear it all up. We will be watching his diet to determine what brought on the bout. Oh joy, all of the family but me seems to be needing a special diet! I already don’t want to cook right now, this will make it even worse.

Join in the fun with the others, here and here.


5 thoughts on “Friday FO

  1. Diverticulitis is the WORST. I actually called the ambulance when I had my attack of it. I swore I was having a heart attack.

    I don’t have to eat anything special. I just make sure I get lots of fiber (1/4 cup All Bran every morning) and drink plenty (and I mean more than you think you’ll ever need) of fluids — mostly plain iced water.

    Hopefully the doctor gave him an aerobic and an anaerobic antibiotic. That makes sure ALL the infection gets cleared up.

    Hope he is feeling better soon.

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