WIP Wednesday

Recent finishes forced me to determine what else to cast on. I decided Miss Dashwood was ready to be in the line up and have given her a little love. But her intricacies mean I have to be in a place to focus on the chart and odd stitches.


What is hard to pick out in this shot is the bobbles amid the center of the motifs. They are done with a crochet hook. Not really my favorite way to do them, but I am following the pattern on this.

Collins from Thea Colman was perfect for travel knitting, which I needed. I didn’t want the fuss of the shawl charts. The cabling, when I am not messing it up, goes quicker for me. The mess ups are being ignored unless they are easy to rip back and repair. They are mostly crossing on the wrong row or crossing the wrong way. I don’t think many would recognize this unless they are looking for them.

From upper left we have right front, back, and one sleeve. I added the center back cable to the sleeve.

For the low down head over to see what else is in the works for others this week. This concludes our knitting content, continue on reading for personal stuff.

This guy has found a new place to hang out. When we brought College Girl home she came with baggage. And some of that baggage is in my dining room for the summer. Mini Cooper decided it’s a great spot to hang while I am in the living room watching TV/Netflix, knitting, or internetting. There’s also a rolled up large rug behind the table. And the drapes are for my bedroom, but I am waiting to replace the rod and add a cornice board. Ordered a swatch of fabric to see if it matches my drapes.

image image

This past weekend we spent the night in French Lick at the resort. Love that place! Dinner at 1875, the best fillet ever! College Girl and Hubster played golf with some family members, CG shot her best round. Diva Girl and I browsed shops. A great evening of family time and a wonderful venue made for a spectacular weekend! After dinner we got silly with the girls. Impromptu photo shoot ensued.

image image
Fashion Models!

image image
Then some less comical shots.


Then Sunday was spent taking my MIL to lunch at Moe’s and then girls’ shoe shopping with her and DG. Between the 3 of us we came away with 5 pair. These are my new flip flops!! I love FF’s!! I live in them from May to October most years. With a BOGO sale and a 20% off coupon we saved a ton!


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Those are such sweet pictures of your girls. I hope that DG and your husband are feeling better. Love how Miss Dashwood is coming along. Such a pretty pattern!

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