June Recap

June Recap:
1332 yards and 7 skeins knit
875 yards and 1 skeins received as a prize!! Yay me!
0 yards and 0 skeins purchased!! Go me!
So, actually I came out 457 yards and 6 skeins less than I took in. Winning large yardage in a lace weight skeins does that. I would have been so much further ahead if I hadn’t been so lucky!

5762 yards and 25 skeins knit
220 yards and 1 skein destashed
1259 yards and 5 skeins acquired
5033 yards and 21 skeins bought



Goals for June:

  1. Finish the Fiddlehead mitts, just need liners-Done
  2. Finish Baby Item #10, 2nd Baby Sophisticate-Done
  3. Cast on Miss Dashwood for me-Done
  4. Start Baby Item #11-Started AND finished-Done

Goals for July

  1. Finish Miss Dashwood
  2. Knit on/Finish a long standing UFO, Collins
  3. Find out gender for a baby blanket due in November
  4. Plan out a scrap blanket with my basket of leftovers
  5. Endure the painful moving of my teeth due to another round of braces. Finally have top and bottom on the front 8 teeth. At 54 it hurts more, or so I am told. I believe it!

#1 is totally doable with a 4 day trip planned in July. 9 hours riding as I head to New York with Diva Girl for a college visit. #2 is looking good since I am on the back and have a sleeve and right front done. The stickler will be the deep, 6″, collar knit on after seaming the pieces. #3 is iffy since I am not sure when they find out. #4 just means sitting in my craft room and pulling out all the wools in the basket. Determining a pattern and how big will be the real issue.


One thought on “June Recap

  1. Look at you go! With all that you accomplished in June, I’d be surprised for you to not meet most of your July goals. Also, like you said, one is dependent on others, and welp, that’s not really on you, and your other projects can keep going in the meanwhile.

    Seeing all your small people knits is inspiring. I’ll make an effort to cast on one or two projects this month. Thanks, Lady!

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