Friday FO

All the baby knitting has been fun, and the last few items will be displayed over the next few fridays. This week it’s a repeat of sorts. I made a Baby Sophisticate with some leftover Berroco yarn and was lucky enough to have the same exact amount left after the 1st one. Now what’s to do but make another! So I did, and finished it weeks ago.


I was just waiting to pick up buttons for it. You would think blue would be an easy fix, but no. The wrong shades were very abundant, but just the right ones, not so much. But I finally found something I could live with.


This is a more true color shot, sans the buttons. I still had some yarn left and thought why not make a hat for donation. But I didn’t quite have enough, so I added some red leftover yarn to finish it out. Now I wish I had just knit until the blue ran out and finished with the red. Oh well, it’s just to warm a babe’s head as needed, so it doesn’t have to be exquisite. The babe the BS.2 is for has yet to make an appearance. His grammy, my choir director, is anxiously awaiting his arrival! I guess most grammies do.

In personal news, OW!!!!!! Got my ortho braces on my lower teeth on Wednesday afternoon and the pain has settled in. Glad I only have them on the front 8, top and bottom. Even then, the back teeth are still affected to a slight degree. And no matter how much I try to avoid chewing on the braced teeth, I still end up feeling the pain as I chew. I need to make soups to eat over the next few days. And my lack of ability to eat means I end up not feeling like cooking, so the family suffers. Poor dears. LOL!

Join in the fun with the others, here and here.


3 thoughts on “Friday FO

  1. What a cute set!

    Ugh – braces. I still remember the pain when they were first put on and things started to move! And that was 15 years ago now!

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