Tour de France/Happy 4th!

I do not follow the Tour, but follow some spinners who do the Tour de Fleece. I was thinking I should do a Tour with my knitting. I know, it’s not like there aren’t a million other alongs to do, but right now setting a goal to finish something would be fun. So I am doing the Tour de Finish! I will endeavor to track my progress through the TdF each day, but doubt I will be that faithful.

My Tour de Finish will be the sweater I have pulled out of the dark recesses of the craft room. OK, it was not quite that much of a feat to find it in my stash, but we have to make these things more exciting, right?

As of today here is the state of my sweater.

image image

Collins by Thea Colman.

My Collins is being modified to be longer without the side tie. I will keep the deep shawl collar, but not sure if I will use buttons or secure with a shawl pin. I like the thought of using a shawl pin or letting it hang open most of the time.

I think the time span I have is totally doable, 7/4-7/26. If I strive to knit everyday I think a finished sweater will be mine at the end. I am enjoying the knitting on it quite a lot right now, so fingers crossed that continues. If I can try to reduce the mis-crossed cables from here on out, it should continue to be fun. I have decided that bad crosses and mis-counting of rows will be ignored. I am not striving for perfection, which will confuse and astound my knitting buds. I usually cannot stand mistakes in my knitting. But with a dark brown color and so much going on, who will really notice?

Yep, this one will be front and center!

If you are reading this from the states, let me wish you a Very Happy 4th of July!!! I am very proud to be a part of this great Nation, and hope we can stop this downward spiral we seem to be in. Only time will tell if we can weather the storms. But I will not give up hope. As long as we continue to be the Land of the Free and the Brave we can do it.

Mini Cooper and Notre Dame(iNDy) wish you a Happy 4th!image
Mom! Where’s the Benadryl? The fireworks make us crazy!!


One thought on “Tour de France/Happy 4th!

  1. You’re so goal oriented, I’m not surprised you got yourself some new knitting ones. I don’t follow the Tour either, but support you and our pals that do the spinning thing. I hope the dogs weathered the 4th okay and you enjoyed the weekend 🙂

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