Tour de Finish

LOL, I so suck at this stuff. Made the promise to do the Tour de Finish to work on completing my Collins sweater, and promptly ignored it the past 36 hours! In my defense I had a day of revelry for the 4th and a day of helping a knitting friend today. But then, that’s not the full truth. Cause even with those events I DID knit. Just not on the sweater.

During our 4th celebration at a friend’s house I worked on a hat. Easy, small, and not a lot of focus. Ended up with a cute hat for charity. Then during my knitting help session today I cast on another hat. This will also be for charity. The pattern I am using is Slouch Baby Hat. I’ve done some modifications in cast on #’s and depth, but followed the style and decrease instruction.

This is the first one from the pattern. Made for a July birthday girl who just turned 1. She is so precious, just a happy baby all around.

image image image

Yarn is Ella Rae Classic Superwash. Just love this stuff. So easy to knit with. I am trying to use up leftover bits and bobs, so expect to see some striped hats in the near future. Hats are a great item for July since they are small and produce little heft in the way of fabric.

Now time to knit on the sweater, maybe, while I watch the FIFA Women’s championship game. 4-1 currently with our girls ahead. I predict there will be a lot of little girls named Carli in the next few years! Like Mia was the popular name back in early 2000?


2 thoughts on “Tour de Finish

  1. I totally know where you are coming from. I had planned on finishing my brown fleece before the tour so I could start my white fleece. Yeah right – I’m lucky if I finish the brown one. It’s all about the journey thought right? Good luck!

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