Tour de Finish Day 3

So far Day three of my Tour de Finish has not been a bust, unlike what the real race has experienced this third day. Although I have not worked on the sweater much at all, my reasons vary, I have worked on it! I actually put 1 row into the back. Whoopie!

I won’t even bother taking a photo of the back since you will not be able to detect any difference. But I still have many hours to change that sad state of affairs. If my patient allows for it.

Diva Girl got her wisdom teeth removed this morning. All 4 were impacted and needed to come out before damage to her orthodontia was done. By the time I exited the operating room to await her recovery I had little time to actually get my knitting out and started. A quick perusal of the local paper intervened a bit, plus some phone internet surfing, but it really went much quicker than I expected.

And then while in recovery I was laughing much too hard to even try to knit!! She was her usual loopy self on top of some drugs that made her even more loopy!!! But she did tell me how much she loved me and how beautiful I was! Of course, she was telling everyone how beautiful they were too.

But even without any finishing being done on the sweater, I am finishing, so maybe it’s not all bleak for my Tour. 2 hats done and a 3rd started since the Tour began. I give you Moods of Slouchy Baby. Different yarns, different numbers.

image image image
image image image
Of course, none of the tones are a true representation of their real colors

Mellow Yellow is Cascade 220 Superwash Worsted leftovers. Red Head is leftover Plymouth Encore Worsted. Same weight yarn, different numbers, different needle size. The MY turned out limp and drapey, the RH stiff and compact. A 2nd Red Head is being worked up with a needle size up and larger cast on. Trying to use up the rest of that yarn! The 3 hats will join 2 others in donation to a local hospital. Although the MY might be too big for any baby, so maybe it will find a different worthy cause.

Once this last hat is done I promise!!!, back to Mr. Collins!


3 thoughts on “Tour de Finish Day 3

  1. Oh I wish your daughter a quick recovery. I had the same wisdom teeth issue. My father reports I was a loopy mess as well. I’m glad you’re there for her. Great finishing. Mr. Collins will have his, I’m sure of it 🙂

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