Love Your Library Mid Year Review

Although I am not keeping to my plans, I am getting some things knocked off my library/queue list. So far this year I have completed 12 items that I had bookmarked or queued up.


So glad to see it’s not all hats! Duplicates to be sure, but not too much. I forgot how much I love the Ava Beret which I used for Carleight and Emerson’s hats. Must revisit that for future little girls.

Current from my Love Your Library List are the Miss Dashwood Shawl and my Mr Collins Sweater. They are in the in-progress state, but I have hopes of finishing one or the other before July is over. Mr Collins is seeing the majority of my knitting time right now.



For the later half of the year I want to focus on me knitting, several items I want to make for me. And then I have 1 more baby, that I know of right now, to knit for. I will be knitting the Georgie Baby Blanket from my library. Just waiting to see what colors to make it.

Are you knitting from your Library this year? What progress have you made? Join Snapdragon and share your goals.


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