Tour de Finish Day 4 and WIP Wednesday

On my Tour de Finish I have seen some lovely sights. I saw fireworks, a knitting friend, a loopy Diva Girl after wisdom tooth surgery, and a very sore and tired girl at the surgeon’s office getting the news her gall bladder is coming out in less than 2 weeks. I am sure the real Tour is seeing sights a lot lovelier than I. But through it all there has been some finishing. Another hat to join the pile of donations.

image image image
Same red Plymouth Encore from the previous hat

And some advancement has been made on Mr Collins! As I type this I realize I saw an episode of Midsomer Murders that featured the actor who plays Mr Collins in BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, of course the ONLY P&P worth watching! I have been watching Midsomer Murders on Netflix. My family is teasing me that I do nothing BUT watch Netflix anymore. I explain that I am also knitting!!! Ergo, I am NOT doing nothing.


Sorry for the lack of detail, I should have edited the photo. I am into the armhole shaping and less than 40 rows from the shoulders. And as the front and sleeve, I am making sure to mess up the cables! LOL. The last few repeats I have omitted two rows over the chart. But it’s not noticeable, so I am going with it. If I am having trouble detecting it on the dark brown, and I know what I did, who else is going to notice?

Hopefully those who are joining the Wednesday parties are not experiencing the same level of mess ups as I. Go check them out, herehere, and here.


3 thoughts on “Tour de Finish Day 4 and WIP Wednesday

  1. love that one myself! I have watched all the Midsomer Murders and am waiting for more to come out. Have you watched the Murdoch Mysteries? Another very good one!

  2. Well, duh, Colin is the perfect Darcy…I do enjoy the cinematography of the Keira Knightly one…some scenes are absolutely gorgeous….the Tom Cruise movie Valkyrie has both Mr. Collins actors….David Number from the P &P plays Hitler…its hard to tell it is him….I love playing spot the actor…

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