Tour de Finish Day 5

I spent Wednesday with my knitting buds today and was able to get quite a bit of knitting done. The back is getting so close to done!!!


Loving this still, even if I am searching endlessly for something else to knit. LOL. Why is it that when you set a goal you can’t keep to it. Oh wait, is that just me? So eventually this will be done and I will be on to the left front or the last sleeve. I would say I am smelling the finish draw near, but when all that’s done I have to seam and then knit a deep COLLAR! But the collar makes it.

Since I was also doing quite a bit of blog reading on Wednesday I grabbed some DK and cast on for another Slouch Baby Hat, even though I have yet to make any of them slouchy. I did the brim in gray and then switched to teal. I think it looks rather smart. Will add this to the pile for donation when done. So much easier to knit a hat in the round while reading blogs than to knit cables. Hmm, maybe that’s why I keep messing up the cables!


Now for Day 6 I will be traveling, so that will make for lots of knitting time! Headed to Amherst, New York with the Diva Girl for a college visit. Daeman College is our destination. And then a look at Niagara and Buffalo before we head back to Indy to grab our pups. My sister is watching them so they have some play time with their cousin. Then in August we go to Florida Gulf Coast for a visit. Good thing we will already be there on vacation, so it will just be a 4 hour trip instead of a 14 hour one! She sure has picked her options, the local one is 30 minutes away, Daeman is 9 hours away, and FGCU is 14 hours. Her Daddy is hoping it’s the local school, I don’t care which she chooses, she is undecided.


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