Tour de Finish Day 7

I think I am doing better than one of the Tour riders, considering knitting isn’t likely to cause a broken collarbone I’m in the clear. Not to say a sharp, pointy knitting needle can’t do harm!

Before setting off on our grand college visit adventure I did score another finish, albeit a small one. Yes, another hat! Another non slouchy Slouchy Baby. They are just so quick and easy!

image image image

I have more of the gray color that I plan to use with some copper I have on hand. Than I have some blue and lavender that will make individual solid color hat. July just seems to be the month for hat making!

I will leave you with a shot from our trip to New York State. I finally got to see Niagara Falls!!!



2 thoughts on “Tour de Finish Day 7

  1. Just catching up on all of your Tour de Finish posts this week. What a great idea! Love the color combo of the baby hat. You are cranking those out! Hope that your visit to Amherst went well. I went to college at the University of Buffalo. It is a fun little city with lots of tasty food. Hope you tried the hot wings 🙂

    1. I’m notch if a hot wings person, do we passed on that. We were more interested in getting to Niagara!!! OMG! What an awesome sight! Had a great visit at Daemen, now to make a few more visits before we find out her decision.

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