Tour de Finish Day 8

My goodness! I am one worn out momma. In 52 hours we made a trip to New York State and back. We detoured through Indy to drop off our pups with my sister, so had to head back that way to pick them up. Once home we had a birthday for our great niece to hit and then some errands before we got home to crash. And I crashed. I have no desire to get back in a car or go anywhere for a long time! At least until tomorrow. LOL

In our travels I was very good to work on the knitting when I had a chance. Most of the effort was spent on Mr Collins. While traveling during the 8th day of the TdF I continued to work on the left front. I am now through 2 repeats of the chart for the front.


This one just might end up being a perfect knit of the cable. I am religiously watching my rows and crosses so I don’t mess it up! So far, so good.

I did do a repeat of the lace on Miss Dashwood, but I am just not feeling the love for that border! I think it’s the bobbles. I wish I had done beads instead now. I am just not loving the crochet hook technique of making the bobbles. I know it will be pretty, but the bobbles are not uniform, so that irks me. I am just not proficient with a hook.

Now, to get back into the grove of things here at home and recover. And over the next few days review the things we learned about the college we visited and look into two others we did a drive through of. The last one is where our College Girl goes, so we don’t need to investigate it too much, but Diva Girl needs to find out more about it. So once sis is back at school this fall she will head up for a visit of them both. Will she end up a Wildcat, a Bulldog, or a Greyhound? Or maybe something completely different?




Cute story from our trip. While finishing up the tour of Daemen we were asked to pose for photos. They were prepping brochures for the next round of printing and wanted us to reprise our “tour”. As we finished up I asked if we would be getting the normal acting “fee”, to which they replied, “Sure, T-shirts for everyone!” I will say, if anyone lives in the vicinity of Daemen, you need to look into it for your children. We were very impressed with it. Lovely campus, very nice and pleasant administrators, and small size. The city of Amherst is lovely to boot.


Cat got your tongue?

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